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3025 Highway Ave.

Highland, IN 46322

Contact the School

3025 Highway Ave.

Highland, IN 46322

Knight Owl

Our “Knight” Owl proudly watches over our school.  Thank you Grimmer Construction for sponsoring our Owl for the Humane Society.

6th Grade STEM

6th grade worked on STEM by making bridges to hold weight.

OLG is part of Big Shoulders!

Thanks to a generous donation from the White Family, OLG is now part of the Big Shoulders Family!

Dancing to Wind Down

Lower grades like to Dance to wind down between subjects.

Winter Wonderland Dance

Student Council and NJHS sponsored a “Winter Wonderland” dance for the middle school students on a Friday evening.

Our Lady of Grace School is closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  This has been ordered by the Governor of Indiana.  On April 2nd, the Governor announced all school buildings closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.  We will continue E-learning following State guidelines.  

Due to the closure we are unable to have our Spring Open House.  However, it’s not too early to think about the 2020-2021 school year.    We are currently enrolling for Pre-k – 8th grade for the 2020-2021 school year.  Once the clear order has been issued by the Governor of Indiana Our Lady of Grace will make school tours available.  For more information about our school please call 219-838-2901 or you can email us at

Our Lady of Grace School is an Indiana Choice Scholarship school.      


Continuous Learning Plan

School:  Our Lady of Grace School C025
Section One: Delivery of Learning
1. Describe how you will deliver continuous learning opportunities for all students, including special student populations.
OLG had implemented a e-learning plan which includes book work, paperwork, and on-line activities. Since building closure on March 16, students have completed 8 e-learning days on Tuesday & Thursday of each week. Staring April 20, students will have 4 e-learning days per week until May 29th. Students have books and on-line access to most materials to complete assignments. Students with an IEP will continue to receive on-line support through NISEC.
2. Describe how your district communicates expectations for continuous learning implementation to 1. ) students, 2.) families, and 3.) staff.
Students receive emails from teachers prior to e-day with instructions on what to complete and accomplish for the day. Teachers have weekly Zoom or Google “Meets” with class to aid in instruction and communication. Families receive email communication on Sunday with weekly communication and emails with specific information on e-days with more detail. Staff communicates trough constant e-mail, texts, and weekly Zoom meetings.
3. Describe student access to academic instruction, resources, and supports during continuous learning.
All students 1st -8th grade have access to both physical book and on-line components. Books, workbooks, chromebooks, and other materials were sent home before school closed. Two pick-up days took place for parents to pick-up any other needed materials. Teachers are using Zoom and Google Meets to help with instruction and questions. Emails through Renweb (Facts) is also an important tool. Our main curriculum is on Pearson, CTB McGraw-Hill, Social Studies Weekly, Science Weekly, Sadlier Phonics and Vocabulary. All have on-line components for instruction.
Students are using either school supplied chromebooks or home devices to access instruction.
4. What equipment and tools are available to staff and students to enable your continuous learning plan? Please list.
Teachers are using their school supplied laptop computer or at home device to communicate instruction to students. Teachers have their teacher’s editions of books sent home and other supplemental materials. Teachers have received numerous emails with information to help with instruction and supplement work with free on-line access to these programs. Teachers are choosing which ones are appropriate to their grade level and informing parents/students for additional work. Teachers are using Zoom and Google Meets to have class instruction and discussions. Teachers are using Renweb (Facts) to record and monitor grades along with Google Classroom to give assignments and grade completed work. Student are also taking pictures of completed written work to send to teachers for review. Students have books, workbooks, chromebooks, or own device to access on-line communication and instruction.
5. Describe how educators and support staff are expected to connect with students and families on an ongoing basis.
Teachers connect with students and families through our Renweb (Facts) student management system. Teachers can send and receive email from families. Gradebook in Renweb is accessible by all families. Teachers use Zoom and Google Meets to connect with families as well.
6. Describe your method for providing timely and meaningful academic feedback to students.
Teachers are grading things on-line and grades are recorded in our Renweb student management system. Families are used to this process as this is how normal grades are recorded and displayed. Teachers are also receiving pictures of completed papers for grading. Teachers are required to update grades each week. A drop-off day for parents to drop off completed paper assignments, will be scheduled sometime in late April.
Section Two: Achievement and Attendance
7. Does your continuous learning plan provide an avenue for students to earn high school credits? If so, describe the approach.
Yes, the only class is Algebra I. All of our 8th graders take Algebra I. This is a normal process which the local High School are used to. The High Schools allow students to receive credit for this class as long as the student retained an A or B for the entire year.
8. Describe your attendance policy for continuous learning.
Students are counted as present for e-learning days when they complete the work assigned for the day. Teachers monitor completion and inform the Principal and/or secretary of attendance.
9. Describe your long-term goals to address skill gaps for the remainder of the school year.
We will continue to work with students who were/are having difficulty with staying on grade level. The Northwest Indiana Co-op (NISEC) continues to work with those students with IEP goals via on-line communication and tutoring. Teachers are having email or Zoom conversations and tutoring sessions with students in need.
Section Three: Staff Development
10. Describe your professional development plan for continuous learning.
Staff have all been trained in Zoom and Google Meets through those companies on-line training programs. They were already trained in Google Classroom and Renweb (FACTS) programs. Teachers are members of Master-Teacher On-line professional development which includes Professional development in many areas including continuous learning.

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