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3025 Highway Ave.

Highland, IN 46322

Contact the School

3025 Highway Ave.

Highland, IN 46322

Knight Owl

Our “Knight” Owl proudly watches over our school.  Thank you Grimmer Construction for sponsoring our Owl for the Humane Society.

"Strack & VanTil" Apples for education program was a great success for our school!

We received enough receipts to order printers for every classroom, dvd players, and gym equipment.   

OLG is part of Big Shoulders!

Thanks to a generous donation from the White Family, OLG is now part of the Big Shoulders Family!

Back to Mass after Online Learning

Saint Reports for Confirmation

OLG 8th graders researched Saints to choose a “special” name for Confirmation.

Our Lady of Grace School is offering an at home online option or an in school option for the first semester of the 2020-21 school year.    In school students must have masks and follow all school social distancing rules.  At home online students must follow a daily online schedule to view instruction streamed from classrooms.

HSA fund raising for school families is set at $300 per family.   No Volunteer hours are required this school year. 

We are having an Open House January 31, 2021.  However, we are taking reservations to tour the school.  For more information about our school please call 219-838-2901 or you can email us at  Openings are from Noon to 3pm.  Please call to register a time.

Need Help with Tuition:  Our Lady of Grace School is an Indiana Choice Scholarship school.      


We currently have about 110 students in school with 30 students streaming lessons online from home. Masks and social distancing rules apply for in school students.  Online rules apply for at home students.

Students have returned to in school and online learning as of January 4, 2021.  OLG families have been great following our Covid protocols, therefore, we have not had any reports of positive cases.  

Have a Blessed New Year!

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.