Contact the School


3025 Highway Ave.

Highland, IN 46322

Contact the School

3025 Highway Ave.

Highland, IN 46322

Knight Owl

Our “Knight” Owl proudly watches over our school.  Thank you Grimmer Construction for sponsoring our Owl for the Humane Society.

"Strack & VanTil" Apples for education program was a great success for our school!

OLG Now has Air Conditioners & Purifiers

We are BACK... School 2021-2

Brand New Preschool

Our Lady of Grace School is off to a GREAT Start!  We have 140 students K-8 and 9 in our new preschool.    We are mask mandatory. 

HSA fund raising for school families is set at $300 per family with an additional 25 hours of volunteer time.   

For more information about our school please call 219-838-2901 or you can email us at  You can schedule an in person tour during after school hours.  

Need Help with Tuition:  Our Lady of Grace School is an Indiana Choice Scholarship school.    Ask about the additional expansion of the scholarship this year!!!


Sorry for any inconvenience, but the school and parish phones have not been working for a few weeks now.  We hope to have service soon.  You can reach the school office through email at:  The entire parish phone system has been disrupted, and we hope to have it fixed soon.

Open Registration is currently closed.  We will open registration for the 2022-23 school year in February, 2022.   Catholic Schools are for Everyone. Your Education, Your Choice!  If you want information on the Indiana Choice Scholarship program, here is a link sponsored by Big Shoulders of NW Indiana to help determine eligibility: Contact the school office for details.

God Bless and Stay Safe.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.