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Dress Code

All students are expected to be in full uniform the first day of school. Students who violate the dress code will receive further discipline.

JUMPERS/SKIRTS: The blue plaid-skirt or jumper must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.  Girls in grades K-4 wear jumpers.  Girls in grades 5-8 wear skirts.

SLACKS/PANTS: Only navy blue regulation uniform pants are permitted (no royal blue or lighter blues are allowed).  No studs, no metal pocket reinforcers, no contrasting topstitching is allowed.  Corduroy pants/slacks are permitted.  Slacks may have slit (in-set) pockets.  Navy, black or brown belts must be worn if the pants/slacks have belt loops.  Pants/slacks must be worn at the waist.

GIRLS BLOUSE/SHIRTS: Blouses shall be white with round or pointed collar with long or short sleeves.  No monograms, lace trim or wrinkled materials. Solid white polo shirts or polo shirts with the approved School logos are permitted.  No other superfluous garments may be worn under the uniform shirt.  Only white undergarments are permitted.  Blouses/Shirts must be tucked into the slacks, shorts or skirts.

BOYS SHIRTS: Short/long sleeve sport shirt, white. Solid white polo shirts or polo shirts with the approved school logos are permitted.  Shirts must be tucked into the pants or shorts.

SWEATERS: Girls may wear solid navy blue or white cardigans.  Loose fitting, cardigan or pullover vests may also be worn.  Boys may wear solid navy blue cardigan, long sleeve pullover or sweater vest.

SWEATSHIRT: During colder weather students may wear sweatshirts with the OLG logo as part of their uniform.  Uniform shirts must be worn under the sweatshirt.  No other type of sweatshirt may be worn during the school day.  Hooded sweatshirts are not part of the school uniform.

STOCKINGS: Navy blue, black, or white knee socks, anklets, leotards, or bobby socks, not nylons.  No stripes, bows, or lace will be allowed on the socks.  All socks must cover the ankle.

SOCKS: Boys are required to wear navy blue, black, or white socks.  Quarter socks may be worn but must cover the ankle.

SHORTS: Uniform dress walking shorts may be worn from May 1 – September 30.  No cargo shorts are allowed.

SHOES: Leather or simulated leather school shoes in dark blue, beige, black, brown, gray, or white and saddle shoes are allowed. Shoelaces must match the shoes. (School shoes should preferably have a soft sole).  Students may wear low cut athletic shoes but they must be black, white, gray, or a combination of those colors only.  Heels on shoes should not pose a safety hazard for students while walking on stairs or playing outside. Please be sure to consider this safety factor when purchasing shoes for your children.  The current “block heel” and “platform” styles are too high and are not acceptable.  Clogs, Crocs, high heels, sandals, “flip-flops” or moccasins are not allowed at any time including dress up/down days. No “heelies” (shoes with hidden wheels) are allowed. If the appropriate gym shoe is not worn, school shoes must be worn.

PHYSICAL ED.: Navy shorts/sweats will be allowed.  These should be plain or may have the school logo on them.  Tennis shoes (with laces and backs) must be worn for physical education.  Platform gym shoes are not permitted.  OLG Knight-Wear t-shirts must be worn for gym classes.  No jewelry is allowed during P.E. class.  No sprays (deodorant, perfume, body mist, etc.) may be used.  Student in grades 1-4 may wear their P.E. uniform on scheduled gym day with solid black or white gym shoes.  Students in grades 5-8 must change clothes for gym. 

ACCESSORIES: Accessories are limited to a wristwatch, religious medals, one ring only, and small inconspicuous earrings (one per ear, for girls).  No hoop or dangling earrings are allowed.  Boys are not allowed to wear earrings in school at any time.  Body piercing and tattoos are not permitted.  Cosmetics, including nail polish, are not to be worn in school at any time including dress-up days.

HAIRSTYLE: Hair is to be neat, clean, well groomed, and not of an unusual or extreme style or artificially applied color.  Hair may not be spiked, streaked or frosted.  Hair ornaments for the girls should be blue or white and not excessive.  Boys’ hair should not extend beyond the top of their shirt collar or obstruct their vision.  No designs should be cut into the hair.  Unconventional, fad haircuts are not acceptable.  No facial hair shall be permitted.

BOOK BAGS: All students must have a book bag to carry books each day. For the safety of the students, wheeled book bags are not permitted for students in grades K-2.





On occasion students will be allowed to wear clothes other than their uniforms.  No torn or immodest apparel will be allowed.  Dresses/culottes may be no shorter than right above the knee.  Shorts outfits are not considered appropriate attire for dress-up days. High heels and “flip-flops” are not allowed for dress-up days.  Stretch pants are not to be worn on non-uniform days.

On ‘dress-down’ days students may wear jeans or sweats. Hooded sweatshirts are not to be worn indoors. Walking length shorts may be worn during September and May on ‘dress-down’ days.  Shirts may not have inappropriate sayings printed on them.

If a student does not wish to participate in these special days, the student should come to school in uniform.



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