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Mission/Vision/ Values


Our Lady of Grace School, with the support of the school families, dedicated faculty, and the entire parish community of Our Lady of Grace, cultivates academic excellence and Catholic values within a distinctive educational framework.  The major goal is to prepare students to respond to the challenges in their lives by:

  • Providing quality instruction.
  • Encouraging students to lead “Christ-Centered lives”
  • Developing a consciousness of the family of God by providing service to others.



An integral extension of the mission of Our Lady of Grace Parish, Our Lady of Grace School is an example of community faith in action.  We instill in all students their responsibility as part of a Catholic community to visibly illustrate to the world the ministry of Jesus Christ.

All students entrusted to our care are challenged academically and physically while being nurtured in their spiritual and moral value development.

The students will take with them the knowledge that Christ’s ministry can only be accomplished through the sharing of the gifts that God has given to each individual.



Provision must be made for individual fulfillment that develops healthy minds, strong bodies, and spiritual well being.

  • Academic Excellence—to challenge our students to strive toward strong academic performance and personal growth.


  • Social Responsibility—to develop in the student an ability to sacrifice self-interest in order to live in peace and unity with all humanity and to foster an appreciation of diversity in others.
  • Cultural Development—to develop and have an appreciation of art, music, literature, beauties of nature, and to cultivate a taste for wholesome forms of entertainment.


  • Physical Fitness—to develop sound habits and attitudes of physical and mental health pertaining to self and neighbor as based on the laws of God.
  • Economic Competency—to encourage students to develop work habits and to capitalize on their special aptitudes in order to promote zeal for social justice.




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