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Virginia and Richard Lenart“ - For more than twenty consecutive years, all of our five sons attended OLG. Many of us remember that our school was unique in the diocese as it was ‘tuition free’. Yet we understood other parishioners were easing our financial obligation. We were so fortunate to have the committed support of these parish members. This gift allowed us to take advantage of the excellent quality of education along with the focus on Christian principles—certainly a comfort to parents seeking only the best for their child. Our children acknowledge the strong foundation they received at OLG. High academic standards taught by competent, caring and dedicated faculty members were evident then and are still present today.”


Katie Quinn, 2005 Highland H.S. Valedictorian - “Our Lady of Grace School gave me the discipline and study skills that led to my success in high school and now college. Small class sizes and individualized attention made me look forward to school each day.”

Ryan Grigson, Current General Manager of the Indianapolis Colts - "I attended Our Lady of Grace School in Highland, Indiana, from first through eighth grade." "We went to mass every day, but, as a youngster, you space out and don't pay attention sometimes. Yet looking back, I think you still take away something subconsiciously, even when you're just sitting there. You're hearing the Word of God, being in his presence and receiving him in the Eucharist. Those cumulative days at Mass helped to mold my faith at its earliest stages, and I'm extremely grateful for that."



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